Alternative and Conspiracy Theories

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Among the roughly 200 leaders of sovereign states on earth, why are they unable or unwilling to secure the peace will of the estimated 7 billion global population, most of whom want peace and are willing to share the resources to achieve it?

Why is there a desire for intelligent entities to harm, dominate or control others, unless it is not known to them that only thoughts of harming, dominating and controlling are utterly self-destructive?

Why does every responsible human entity deliberately deny knowledge of the life of other humans? The secret entity is thought to be hiding the existence of aliens, non-human life. They prefer that you continue to absorb the filtered versions of global news, worry about the price of oil, indulge in the next sporting game, celebrity icons, the wardrobe you’ll be wearing when they embark on the biggest tucked away encounter and journey in human history – all at a financial cost You.

Why does civilization deliberately compete for resources when it can thrive by sharing and cooperating?

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Global theory, speculation and questions for world citizens.