Global Political Activism Tool Alien UFO USO Disclosure

Logical and rational minds face overwhelming evidence that UFO-USO activity is real. Now is the time to manifest personal power to reveal the truth and then find a path to positive evolution as it unfolds.

Selected UFO files are declared by the British government.

Are alien entities and extra-terrestrial crafts visiting our planet? The answer must be yes or no.

A highly credible volume, eye witnesses report an unidentified craft of extraordinary maneuvering covering every continent and every sea for at least 50 years.

If you believe that alien entities and extraterrestrial craft visited our planet then contemplate that every alien entity is friendly or unfriendly towards mankind.

(1.) If you believe that alien entities are friendly to humanity, then you must conclude that you are denied peaceful and cooperative interactions with those friendly alien species.

(2.) If you believe foreign entities are unfriendly to humanity, then you must conclude that you are denied the essential knowledge for preparing personal defense contingencies and contributing to global strategies.

If you don’t believe that alien entities and extraterrestrial craft visit our planet, then you have to conclude that the unidentified objects are man-made.

(3.) Despite the overwhelming evidence, if you still believe that the earth is not visited by aliens and extraterrestrials, then you have to conclude that these unidentified objects are reportedly created and controlled by humans. Therefore, you must conclude that you are being denied the benefits of human technology that will immediately end every perceived global energy crisis, barriers to mass transit and the need for personalized transportation – avoiding human suffering from failure to share advanced technology.

If you believe that not a single Alien-UFO-USO eye-witness report accurately portrays the truth, then you believe that there must be systematic delusions between independent minds experiencing the same phenomenon.

Moreover, these detailed delusions will be successfully repeated on a global scale over decades of time. Such a hypothesis disrespects trusted and respectable men and women from various professions and echelons of society, among whom are respected officials whose professional advice and testimony is sought and appreciated during years of loyal military or government service.

Global Disclosure and Transparent Discussion:

Regardless of which hypothesis you choose to believe regarding the Alien-UFO-USO phenomenon, you must logically conclude that you have been and continue to be denied information critical to your personal, national and global existence and progress – potentially for future generations.

While genuine, global discussion and accountability will reveal the truth, topic avoidance or sluggish and deceptive responses also provide valuable information. Although some governments have declared some UFO-USO files, some are still holding back perhaps for reasons such as technological excellence, global panic concerns or other covert agendas. The citizens of the world must understand that there are entities that make great efforts just to hide these truths.

Failure to disclose all documents along with transparent, public, cooperative discussions by briefed government entities constitutes and maintains a competitive spirit between these entities and the publics they serve. Not being responsive and failing to confirm the existence and knowledge of Alien-UFO-USO is considered a major obstacle to people’s will and progress. Secret Operation Alien-ufo-uso has the potential to subordinate any other government policies. One possible scenario could include financial policies that seem illogical and unjustifiable to rational thinkers, only to divert vast resources to fund the Alien-UFO-USO operation.

Inform yourself of all the forces that influence personal, local, national and global security policies.