US $ 85B AIG bailout- Unknown issue, still

The leadership believes they have a solution to cure this crisis. Asking for differences involves providing not a financial tactic but identifying the problem in its raw form. America shuddered again while giving up an initial eighty-five billion dollars for the bailout of American International Group – a large financial company classified as too big to fail. The stock market is suffering in anticipation of the formal and soon after bailout announcement. There is a fear of being expected for capital preservation among individual and institutional investors. Concerns about additional economic concerns to come grew nationally and globally.

AIG Bailout

As anticipated arguments for or against decisions develop, no media or political entity offers the remote possibility that the real problem is the outdated global financial institutions themselves. Humans continue to place great confidence in financial instruments that contain an inherent zero value. Money is artificial, it does not have the inherent ability to provide any resources.

The only true sustainable solution is to retire all the money systems and replace them with the only asset that is worthy of our long-term faith, the people. Global cooperation is the true promise of all good people. Pure cooperation is the superior substitute for all money systems because it promotes harmony while money and compensation supports division between owning and non-owning entities.

What caused AIG to be bailed out?

People are too reluctant to ask global leadership to end the money system. Pure global cooperation acts as a secret savior distant to individuals as they wait for global leadership to acquire sufficient wisdom to embrace it. The court people likely zero money global society as a passing dream, only to immediately subject it to a more mainstream alternative has a greater level of global leadership importance. The Eradication of Global Money Proposal describes the replacement of the competitive money system with a worldwide cooperative system.